Important Things To Know About A Domain Name

In this day and age of technology, if you are starting a business it is vitally important to have a great website name. A strong name for your website is going to help people trust you, look more professional, and will make you memorable so more potential customers are driven to look at what your business is about. The domain name for your website is the first place you start out to build up your reputation, so picking out the right name for your new company’s website is an extremely important decision.
If you choose the wrong domain name for your brand, you could be left with a terrible website for your company that you dislike. There is also the issue that a bad name does not attract new customers to your brand. It takes a lot of time and work to change a domain name once you have one picked out for yourself.
Some people are brand new to building websites and creating a domain name for their new company. The whole domain name process can seem daunting. Below is a guide that will lead you through what a domain name is and questions that most people have when they are getting started. This guide will help you get ahead of the game and start out without making many mistakes.

1.) What is a domain name?

As you start out into the business world, you probably hear a lot about the importance of having a strong domain name for your website. This is great advice, but if you don’t know what a domain name is, then it is also useless advice. So, the question then is what is a domain name? Just like your house, or your business’s physical location, your website has to have a physical address. Your domain name is going to essentially be the physical address where your website goes. You have to have a domain name to take you to where your website is located on the internet. The domain name that you pick has two main parts that make it up. The first part of the domain name is the name of your actual website. The second part of your domain name is known as the domain extension such as .com, .web, .org, .net, etc. When you purchase a domain name, you get to pick out exactly what you want, unless that domain is already chosen. This means you have full control over the website part and the domain extension as well!
In short, the domain name is what people who visit your website will type in order to find you. It tells a web-browser where to go and directs them to the physical address of your website, just like a map takes someone to the physical address of your business.

2.) Is one domain extension better than other extensions?

The most popular domain extension out there that really cannot lead you astray is the most heard of option, .com. It is easy for people to remember the .com extension name as it is used in a majority of domains on both business and personal websites. If you have the option to buy a .com domain extension, it is usually recommended to do so. However, if .com is not available for your domain name that you have picked out for yourself, then the next best option is to choose .net for a non-profit or .org for a regular business.

3.) Do you have to buy a domain name that is the same name as the name of your business

It may seem as though it is the quickest and easiest option to pick out a domain name that is the same name as the business name you have registered with. However, it may not be possible to have the exact same domain name for your website as the registered name for your business. For starters, your business name could be too long and wordy meaning that as a domain name it may not be easy to remember. If it is too wordy people may not be able to find your website. Your registered business name could also be taken, therefore unavailable as a domain name.
In either one of these cases, it is recommended that you adjust the name as little as possible from business name to domain name. If you cannot have a domain name that is an exact match to your registered business name, you want them to be as similar to one another as possible. This will give your new and existing customers a basis from which to search for you and makes it easier to find your business when the domain name is as closely related to your real name as possible.

4.) Should you use hyphens and numbers in your domain name?

If it is possible, you should avoid using hyphens and numbers in a domain name. These symbols and numbers are going to make it harder for people to remember your domain name and find your website. The simpler you keep your domain name, the better it is for business. More people can search for an easy domain name, remember it when they see it and type it out quickly to get to your website in no time. Always keep in mind that the simpler and more memorable the domain name is, the better it is for your business.

5.) Is domain and cyber-squatting something you should be concerned about

Domain squatters are a huge annoyance for business owners who are trying to buy a domain name. Cyber squatters, also known as domain squatters, are people who buy up domain names and don’t use it for their own business. Rather they wait and try to sell the name off for to someone who wants to own it for their business for a profit. Squatters can be frustrating and annoying but are not something you should necessarily be worried about. You can avoid domain squatters by securing top domain extensions like .com or .net as fast as you can to make sure that your brand’s domain name is secured and available for you!

6.) Try not to be too cute or clever with your domain name

You have to be creative and smart when you are creating a domain name for your business. However, trying to be too cute or clever can actually be detrimental to your budding business. You want to remember that the most important thing about a good domain name is that new and existing customers can easily remember it, type it in, and get there quickly. The more simple the domain name, the better it is for you. For example, don’t purposefully misspell your domain name trying to make the domain name a cute and unique one.
Doing this can actually keep you from reaching as many people as you could as they are trying to put a domain name down the way it should be and end up unable to find you. Stik with simple, original, yet creative domain names and you will be good to go!
The biggest thing to remember about your new domain name is to get it as soon as you possibly can after registering your business name. This ensures that it does not get taken by someone else. Keep the domain name simple and catchy so it is memorable but easy to find. Finally, keep it to the point: typically the shorter the better!